While Phil will best be known for his films, we believe that some of his best memories and thoughts were captured in his written words. In this section, we share a sample of his poetry, journalist content which were published in various venues, and some personal writing.

  "The whole idea of toughness and vulnerability is to know and manage to survive. Maybe I can share this passionate excitement like the wind chimes going wild for love, truth, music and a smiling face." —Phil

Poetry was one of Phil's favorite ways to communicate. In this section, we have included several samples of Phil's poetry—to read more, please click here.
Phil was an accomplished journalist, and wrote for several publications, including Christopher Street and the PWA Coalition Newsline. To read more, please click here.
Personal writing, including letters, were often used by Phil to express his innermost feelings—he also screamed a lot. To read more, please click here.