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Outstanding Young Man of America Certificate

Phil's Letter to his Family
Written New Year's 1989-90

PWA Coalition Newsline
October 1990, Issue #59

"This issue of Newsline is dedicated to my family and friends and my physician, who has asked to remain nameless because he doesn't want credit for just doing his job. To him, I say "THANK YOU" and that you are a hero in this epidemic of unmatched proportion."

"Jim" and "My Lover's Funeral"
Circa late 1980's

Phil's writing in the wake of his lover Jim's death in 1985.

"Phil Zwickler at Home"
PWA Coalition Newsline
May 1991, Issue #65

"This peice was transcribed from a tape recorded message by Phil Zwickler on April 2nd. The words are Phil's own as he worked through his illness at home after 16 weeks in the hospital with a cytomeglovirus opportunistic infection.."

Letter from Michael Callen

"Phil Zwickler, 36, A Director of Films on Gay issues, Dies"
by Eleanor Blau
The New York Times

"Phil Zwickler" Obituary
by Bree Scott-Hartland, Acting Editor
PWA Coalition Newsline
June 1991, Issue #66

by Joy A. Tomchin, Timothy J. Sweeney and Larry Kramer

Phil's Memorial Service
June 1, 1991

Allen Zwickler's Memorial to Phil
June 1, 1991

Tribute to Phil Zwickler
PWA Coalition Newsline
July 1991


"News and Notes: AIDS 1991"
Reporting by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, Sharon Isaak, Kate Meyers, and Michele Romero.
Entertainment Weekly
November 29, 1991

"At precisely 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 1, the lights of Austin, Tex., Chicago, Miami, New York, and San Francisco will dim for 15 minutes. Some museums will cover or remove their paintings that day. Candlelight vigils will process in Honolulu and Woodstock, N.Y., and art galleries will distribute red ribbons. In all, some 4,000 arts and entertainment groups will commemorate this, the third annual Day Without Art, held in conjunction with the World Health Organization's World AIDS Day. The Bravo Channel will air 18 hours of special programs, including "A Moment Without Television," a 60-second spot in which the screen will go black on 31 cable channels after the statement that every eight minutes a life is lost to AIDS. So far this year that toll is more than 14,428. Following are the faces of some of those people from the entertainment world whose death from AIDS were recorded in newspapers and Variety. The list is not all-inclusive; moreover, some of the names and faces here may not be familiar. But in a world without AIDS, they might someday have been."

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