Music was an important part of Phil's life from the time he was a young child. As a toddler he walked around with a microphone and a saggy diaper. As an adolescent his Uncle Al bought him a drum set and the music never stopped. By the time he went to college he had become a fantastic guitar player and figured out a way to earn some money. He and his dear friend Paul Strausman started playing coffee bars in New Paltz and a musical partnership was formed. For years they wrote the lyrics and music together and fortunately many of those early recording sessions were preserved and you can listen to them here.

Over the course of his life, Phil's taste in music touched every corner of the spectrum. His album collection was so extensive that it took up a whole wall in his apartment. His earliest influence was of course the Beatles, and yes he did sneak off and go to Woodstock. His college music was coffee house folk and blues. As the 70's approached Phil's sound had a bit of Paul Simon or James Taylor to it, but his personality showed Mick Jagger. When he met Jimmy his tastes took a sharp turn towards the 80's punk rock scene. Lots of electronic sounds, but still the same passion. The music and the musicians were a little scary but the love of music was the same. Whether he was writing, singing, playing or producing, music was a main factor in Phil's life.
—Caren Levine

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1. And It's Cold
    by Phil Zwickler
    Phil—guitars, vocals. Recorded at New Paltz, Deyo Hall, Suite 113.

2. For a Reunion
    by Paul Strausman/Phil Zwickler
    Phil—guitar, vocal, percussion; Paul—guitar, vocals. Recorded 2/81.

3. Bittersweet
    by Paul Strausman
    Phil—bass, lead guitar; Paul—guitar, vocals. Recorded 2/81.

4. Secret Moments
    by Phil Zwickler
    Phil—vocals, tambourine; Paul—guitar, vocals; Stephanie Leanza-Strausman—flute.

5. Looking for Ruin
    by Phil Zwickler
    Phil—guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion. Recorded 1/78.

6. Struck '80
    by Phil Zwickler
    Phil—guitar, vocals. Recorded 4/80.

7. Falling Away
    by Paul Strausman/Phil Zwickler
    Phil—vocals; Paul—guitar, vocals.

8. A Will, A Wisp an A Wasp
    by Paul Strausman
    Phil—guitar, vocals; Paul—guitar, vocals. Recorded 6/78.

9. Thereby Causing Commmotion in La La Land
    by Paul Strausman
    Phil—DX7 keyboard, drum program; Paul—guitar, vocals.

10. Streets of Paris
      by Phil Zwickler and James Ferreras
      Phil—vocals, drum program, DX7 keyboard; Jimmy—DX7 keyboard.