Aunt Fannie's kitchen

Uncle Al, Aunt Fannie's son

Sydney, Uncle Al's dog

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"Aunt Fannie"


To Aunt Fannie
and certain events
that live on
in the mind forever.
We grew up in your
and it was a double dose
of grandma's
I had—
and learned some dignity
from the way you
held yourself in crisis or merriment
how perfectly upright
you would stand
hair in place
The table set in China
with fruits and cheeses
    and the finest little boxes
    with carved wood
    and magic drawers
that contained keys that opened
At least that's what you said
to the little boy—with greasy fingers—
but still the hostess with
absolute compassion and sincerity
sharing the wine and the
of things.
It was a Sabbath
sometime in the early spring.
And there was the smell
of home-cooking
and earnest feelings from
Sundown to Sundown.
A tradition of
Faith and Love and
Such family pride.
We were extended family—
you and grandma—sisters in a house
with us all around
in love together
bridging the gap between
the worlds...
From there to here and
to more Happiness
And now
A classy woman from Eastern Europe
A countess in her own little world.

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