I have heard his voice
Potent with passion to share
He shared because he cared.

He asked the question:
"Am I a passive passenger in the boat of life?"

He fought stigmatization against civil rights
He provided page and stage for any voice
Affected by or living with HIV/aids;

As I read Phil's "Blue Mountain"
What comes to mind is Mariondale Retreat
Along the Hudson in Ossining, New York
I drew and paint and captured
Hills and lake view from a window
Inside others and I heard "Celestial Mozart" as we created...
I also found solace in writing.

Then again I think of Jim Shaver's cabin
High up in the mountains
Of Idyllwild, California
There we walked hand in hand
Through snow white village streets
And browsed boutiques
Then basked in warmth of crackling fire
I had had my fill of post card view
Of robins and squirrels on snow capped post
And pine cones larger than my head
I had final exams to finish.

So as I read Phil's "Blue Mountain"
I think of nature poems condensed as haiku

Phil tells us:
"...Leaves fall,
A breeze blows and
I try not think but feel."

Phil was in touch with nature and love,
And the reality of life
And I thank him mightily for sharing.