Dear Mr. Zwickler and the Phil Zwickler Trust,

With great pleasure, I write to let you know that my co-edited collection of essays, Transgender Rights, will be published in August by the University of Minnesota Press. My work on this book was assisted by a Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grant at Cornell University's Human Sexuality Collection.

Transgender Rights contains original essays by leading attorneys, scholars, and activists on the civil rights issues faced by transgender people in the US. The publisher describes the book as "The first comprehensive work on the transgender civil rights movement... With analysis from legal and policy experts, activists and advocates, Transgender Rights assesses the movement's achievements, challenges, and opportunities for future action. Examining crucial topics like family law, employment policies, public health, economics, and grassroots organizing, this groundbreaking book is an indispensable resource in the fight for the freedom and equality of those who cross gender boundaries."

Below are links to the book's web pages on the Barnes and Noble website and on the University of Minnesota Press website.

Thank you for supporting my scholarship and activism. The Memorial Research Grants have been quite valuable for many of us and I believe they have a strong future.


Richard M. Juang
Susquehanna University

Advisory Board, Co-Chair
National Center for Transgender Equality, Washington DC

Links to Transgender Rights:
Barnes and Nobles
University of Minnesota Press website