May 2014

Dear Allen,

In terms of what I've been up to—since my 2002 fellowship, I've submitted several reports to Brenda Marston concerning ways I had used the materials I found in the collection in publications. I should note that I have continued to draw on these materials in keynotes (most recently at Ohio and Alfred Universities) in relation to their LGBTQ Centers and for invited speaker engagements focusing on academic research and graduate education (this past year I was at Rutgers doing so) and in recent articles for Feminist Studies and several anthologies.

I often think fondly of my time at Cornell and still appreciate the opportunity there that the Zwickler Fellowship made possible.

And last, I thank you for awarding Helis Sikk the Zwickler Fellowship for this year. She is a remarkable student doing vitally important work and I am, as you note, quite proud of her :)

Wishing you well,

Leisa D. Meyer, Chair
Lyon G. Tyler Department of History
The College of William and Mary